Awards & Achievements

OM Logistics has been honored with several Awards & Accolades in its journey so far, with decades of experience in a range of industries, and has been recognized for its best known services to its customers. We are garnered with several awards for awarding unparalleled logistics services & bringing top-notch solutions to customers in markets around the world.

Best Transporter Award 2016
Best Supplier Award 2015
BGTA Award 2015
India Cargo Award 2015
Achievement Award 2014
Best Support 2014
Tata Suppliers Conference 2014
AITWA 2012
Promoter Award 2012
Transporter Samrat 2011
Valuable Contribution Award 2010
Transport Rattan 2008
Damage Free Delivery 2007
Partners Award 2007
Highest Cargo Sales Award 2004
Outstanding Award 2004
Vender Meet 2004
Best Supporter Award 2003
Domestic Cargo Sales 2003
Excellence In Franchising & Business Development Award 2003