OM Logistics

Prioritizing Secure &
on-time deliveries

Prioritizing Secure &
on-time deliveries

Express - Full Truck Load

Being a distinguished player in the supply chain and logistics sector, OM Logistics provides well-established services for full truckloads, assuring the secure and visible transportation of goods. With a fleet of 6000+ GPS-enabled vehicles, we offer dependable Full Truck Load services to meet our client’s requirements. 

At OM Logistics, full truckload service ensures smooth and reliable transportation for bulk consignments. The entire truck or fleet of trucks is exclusively dedicated to the client’s goods, prioritizing secure and on-time deliveries while addressing the specific needs of the business. Businesses can rely on OM Logistics for an efficient FTL experience, ensuring deliveries reach their destination safely and securely. 

FTL Services: What We Bring To The highways

  •  6,000+ fully containerized and weatherproof fleet of trucks/trailers covering more than 10 lakh Kilometers per day
  •  Fleet tracking by GPS monitoring system
  • 24 X 7 X 365 Online track and trace
  • Door pickup and delivery
  •  Hourly committed delivery
  • ODC consignment movements
  •  COD / DOD delivery facility
  •  Economical reverse logistics
  •  Optimized transit times above par with industry  Long-haul inbound & outbound
  • Procurement planning, supplier management
  •  Cost-effective solutions
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