OM Logistics

Ensuring Efficient Order Fulfillment

Ensuring Efficient
Order Fulfillment


OM Logistics is proud to provide exceptional warehousing facilities to meet the varied needs of our customers. We have a vast warehousing space of over 25 million square feet across India, ensuring the safety and easy accessibility of goods. Our advanced inventory management systems provide real-time tracking and offer transparency in inventory. Whether a small enterprise or a large corporation, we offer scalable warehousing solutions, enabling businesses to adapt to changing storage needs. We stand as a trustworthy partner, dedicated to ensuring efficient order fulfillment, accurate deliveries and the security of inventory. 

our offerings

  • Warehouse management solution integrated with ERP systems.
  •  Strong cross-dock for easy flow through, value-added Service VAS with quick transshipment facility.
  •  Equipped warehouses with modern material-handling equipment.
  •  Smart workforce availability for efficient logistics coordination.
  • Item-wise (part-wise) / location-wise inventory management with traceability, recall capability and aging analysis.
  •  Facilities for bonded and non-bonded warehousing in PAN India.
  • Customized packaging solutions/article tagging / quality check/order management to ensure on-time delivery.
  •  Inventory management with modern warehousing facilities in SEZ locations (excise free area)
  • Flexible options for warehouse utilization, i.e., Sq. Mtr / CBM
  • On-demand pallet service.
  • Providing robust warehousing solutions with full safety & security of the material.
  • Great workforce for efficient logistics coordination.
  • Provision of an extended sales office for the organization’s network reach.
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