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The engineering sector is a growing market. The Indian engineering sector has witnessed remarkable growth over the last few years, driven by increased infrastructure and industrial production investments. The engineering sector, closely associated with manufacturing and infrastructure, is strategically vital to India’s economy.

The Indian engineering sector is strategically important to the economy owing to its intense integration with other industry segments. We understand the unique logistics challenges the engineering industries are facing. 


We provide various services that help align logistics operations with your business strategies. Our processes, technology, and people drive cost and capital out of your operations while ensuring consistent and predictable services. OM Logistics’ Supply Chain knows how important it is to reduce expenses and increase efficiency in times like these, and our supply chain solutions are designed to do precisely that. We let you focus on what you do best: design, engineer, install, construct, and manufacture products the world depends on. With OM Logistics as a partner, your goods will be delivered as safely and efficiently as possible.

What Sets Us Apart

We give you control and the benefits that go along with it, such as decreased investment in fixed assets, consistency across your operations, and the ability to respond more quickly to changes in demand. We understand the metrics used to gauge industry and manufacturing efficiency, and we design your system to achieve them

With the help of our deep-rooted industrial knowledge, we undertake a diligent analysis of every aspect of your supply chain process. This examination helps in the creation and execution of a holistic, customized solution designed to optimize your supply chain’s efficiency. Thanks to our global reach, we have a presence that spans the world, ensuring that we are always available to provide unwavering support no matter where your operations are located.


With OM Logistics by your side, enhance your performance on a global scale.

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