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Express Logistics Services In India


Express logistics services in India is a top transport company in India that has been catering to the various modes and requirements of the road industry for many years. They have evolved into a trucking company that owns and operates its own fleet of 1500 trucks, which makes them one of the leading transport companies of India. They are able to meet the requirements by hiring from the markets on a spot basis, which keeps their business running smoothly.

Express logistics services not only provides dedicated vehicles on a long lease basis, but we also cater to various industries and offer tailor-made services to meet the right fit requirements of our customers. Over time, we have become known as a dedicated trucking company because we understand how crucial trucks are to keeping the country running. They offer greater flexibility as well as ease when compared to the movement of cargo through multi-modal modes like rail and air. In India, trucking companies enjoy the majority share of the overall movement of cargo, and we’re proud to be a part of that. There are many transport companies in India to choose from, but when it comes to finding the best, Express is second to none. With its vast and spread-out network, Express is known as one of the best logistics companies in India with a legacy that spans 25 years and counting.


  • Express logistics services in India cater to the fast and efficient movement of goods.
  • These services are crucial for meeting the demands of time-sensitive deliveries.
  • Retail Express Services specializes in swift retail supply chain solutions.
  • We offer end-to-end logistics solutions for various retail industries.
  • Efficient warehousing and inventory management are key components of these services.
  • These services streamline the distribution process for retailers.
  • We help reduce lead times and improve order fulfillment.
  • Retail Express Services ensure on-time delivery to retail outlets.
  • We play a significant role in e-commerce and omni-channel retailing.
  • These services support last-mile delivery operations.
  • Express logistics providers use advanced tracking and tracing systems.
  • They offer customized solutions to meet specific retail needs.
  • Retail Express Services optimize transportation routes and modes.
  • They help retailers reduce operating costs and improve customer satisfaction.
  • These services contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the retail sector in India.
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